Barnacle Rid in Action

Preventing barnacles from growing on your boat is really so easy with the Barnacle Rid system. Our sophisticated electronic controller consumes very little power, and it is compatible with all common boat power systems (including 110v or 240v mains systems).

Barnacle Rid is CE Certified compliant for European use.

Barnacle Rid featured in the AFLOAT magazine with a feature article about Barnacle Rid in 2019, read article here, and in the Nautic Expo magazine, Barnacle Rid creates a copper ion electronic field around the boat’s hull. Unlike ultrasonic systems, no hull installation is required. Instead, it consists of a wiring harness holding several electrodes that hangs from the boat when moored. Contact: [email protected] or +61 410 541 920 or 1300 048 526.

Barnacle Rid is not Ultrasonic

Commonly asked question answered: We ship direct to you world wide via DHL/UPS/TNT Barnacle Rid does not cause electrolysis/ galvanic corrosion, independently tested, this report is available on request.

Barnacle Rid kits are available for Cruisers, Catamarans, large/small Mono Hulls, Yachts, Keel Boats, Marinas. You will get all you need for an easy self Installation. CE Certified compliant.


Green Cloud in below video depicts Barnacle Rid Copper Ion protective field

Barnacle Rid 4 Electrode Monohull Protection Field Video

Barnacle Rid Copper Ion Field Operational Concept Video

Keep your boats hull and running gear barnacle free.

Maintain speed, Win more sailing races,save on fuel costs and annual boat lift fees.

Proven all over the world for over 10 years  CE Certified compliant.

Barnaclerid works using the proven power of our non toxic green friendly formula designed by our parent company Thermo Transit Technologies, it is not an ultrasonic system.

Contact [email protected] or 1300 048 526 with any questions you may have we will be pleased to answer with no obligations.

Sail & Motor Catamaran Video

Yacht/Keel boat showing protection field Video

2 electrode copper Ion protection field video

Three year GUARANTEE.

The Computer controller is covered to the original purchaser from any design or manufacturing faults.  CE Certified compliant.

See customer testimonials

Don’t continue to let slipping and taking your boat out of the water with antifouling costing you $3000/ $4000/ $5000+ (AUD) each 12/ 24 months when a onetime capital investment on Barnacle Rid, averaging $2000 (AUD), to be protected from barnacles/ hard shell growth for many seasons.

With a Barnacle Rid investment your $$ return is less than 12 months.

Barnacle Rid also saves you money on fuel and engine maintenance as a boat hull free of barnacles means it is easier for your boat to maintain normal cruise speed ? putting less stress on your engine while using less fuel.

A protective field is established around your hull and running gear which combats barnacle growth by creating an environment barnacles do not like, therefore barnacles will not attach to your hull or running gear.

Barnacle Rid only requires one person less than two minutes to lift and stow the electrodes, ready to sail or cruise away. On return simply spend another two minutes returning the electrodes to the water to protect you from barnacles again. The controller recognises when the electrodes are in or out of the water and automatically switches off and back on again, saving any input from you.

All this whilst using very little battery power or you can run from shore mains power

It?s that simple,Now your boat is protected from barnacles/ hard shell growth again and will be ready whenever you return to cruise away without hassles.

Barnacle Rid Benefits

The Barnacle Rid anti-foul system is a permanent solution to your ongoing antifoul problems. By using the Barnacle Rid system, you will be getting these great benefits:

  1. Money saved on antifoul expenses
  2. Money saved on lift fees
  3. Money saved on fuel
  4. Improved performances from your boat and engine
  5. Electronics are easily configured for warmer or cooler climates with the touch panel controls
  6. Compatible with all hull materials and configurations (including catamarans)
  7. Life time warranty on the entire Barnacle Rid Kit,computer control unit, and any electrode electrical components failure,not caused by misuse. Normal usage wear and tear and sacrificial electrodes are not included.This warranty is valid to the original purchaser for life.
  8. The clients 50 + foot boat pictured bottom of this page has saved thousands of dollars on lift fees and antifoul costs since the Installation of Barnacle Rid now over 5 years ago.

Tested In All States of Australia and Internationally, continuously over 10 years. Our system has achieved 100% satisfaction of no significant Barnacle growth with all of our customers: A record we are proud of!

CE Certified compliant.

Our system comes with full installation requirements: custom wiring loom (made to your boats specs), nylon covered poly-core cord with 316 Stainless steel clips attached, waterproof Deutsch plugs to simply plug and play, a user manual, a container to store your barnaclerid system whilst cruising and support contacts via mobile or email 24 hours 7 days a week to help with any questions. You’ll even get a Barnacle Rid floating key ring.

After Over 4 + Years on this boat using Barnacle Rid 

There were 

  • No Barnacles
  • No Algae
  • No need to re Antifoul
  • see photo @ right straight out of the water, no wash after 51 months

Just a quick light pressure wash and straight back into the water.


Barnacle Rid prevents barnacle growth on your boat?s hull and submerged running gear.                  


See Barnacle Rid in action to find out how easy it is to take care of your anti-foul problems with Barnacle Rid.

  • Reduce lift fees
  • No more scrubbing and scraping
  • No more antifoul worries


Power Catamaran using Barnacle Rid for over 3 years no barnacles

Why Barnacle Rid? Copper has been used by mariners for centuries to prevent barnacles from attaching to their boats, Barnacle Rid uses a more sophisticated scientific method is the only thing that has changed.

Pictured below The famous Cutty Sark sailing ship, copper sheathed to prevent barnacles/hard shell growth attaching to its hull, back in 1869 it was built in Scotland the fastest Sail ship of its time now restored to its former glory.

Our sophisticated proven system  enhances the effects of copper’s protective properties,by submerging between 2-4 electrodes (or more dependent of vessels size and configuration) just below the water line of your boat creating an invisible, safe, green friendly non toxic non leaching copper Ion field around the hull and running gear. Our sophisticated electronic computer controller uses low power consumption e.g. 12 volt (400 milliamps to maximum 1.0 Amp hours, depending on climate setting)

12 Volt / 24 Volt,and all mains shore power/converter voltages available, 240 Volt,110 Volt etc.

Variable controls via touch buttons that are configurable to suit any climate.

All size Barnacle Rid kits are available on request, easy installation is the aim at Barnacle Rid.

Barnacle Rid systems are currently Installed on boats, Yachts and marinas between 20 and 150 feet in length all over the world with 100% success rate .

See testimonials 


Barnacle Rid is protected by one or more USA and/or foreign patents or patents pending. We value creativity and will pursue all legal avenues at our disposal to protect our Barnacle Rid design worldwide.

Still protecting using Barnaclerid since 2008

After 51 Months using barnaclerid straight out of the water no blasting

Catamaran using barnaclerid for over 5 years also keeps his tender in the protection zone

Marina instalation still protecting after 55 months Installed April 2012 very happy client

50 Plus foot Clients boat slipped for maintenance no need to blast or antifoul after now over 5 years 

  Certified for use in Europe and world wide.