Electrodes  Certified compliant.

The Barnacle Rid electrodes must be submerged just under the surface of the water for the protective field to be established. See Video here showing copper Ion field The protective copper ion field extends from the copper electrode(s). The protective ions are emitted from the electrodes in all directions, so the volume of the space occupied by the field is sufficient to protect all of your submerged hull.

Barnaclerid does not cause electrolysis or galvanic corrosion,independently tested,this report is available on request.

Depending on your hull configuration, your boat will only require between 2-4 electrodes in total to provide complete protection from barnacle growth. For mono-hulls, 2 electrodes can protect a vessel up to 45 foot long. Longer boats can be fully protected with a 4 electrode system (electrodes at bow and stern, and also at starboard and port diagonally opposed). Catamarans require 2, 3 or 4 electrodes, depending on the size and configuration of the hull.

Marina models generally require 4 electrodes around the dock.

Larger marinas or vessels  may need 6,8,10 or more electrodes ,which are made to order

The Barnacle Rid electrodes are manufactured with the highest quality materials right here in Australia. They?re rugged enough to stand up to the harshest conditions.

The electrodes only need to be in the water when your boat is anchored or moored. When you want to travel the electrodes can simply be lifted out of the water and stowed for the journey.

The computer controller recognises the electrodes are out of the water and automatically reactivate on re submerging so no need to turn the controller off and on its all done for you.

You can also have the electrodes permanently mounted on your Marina powered by your shore mains power.

Large cruisers often use the zig zag staggered positioning of the electrodes giving in some cases more protection rather than straight up and down the hull Installation,just ask us [email protected] for our recommendation on your particular boat and location.

See below example..