Barnacalerid does not cause electrolysis or galvanic corrosion, independently tested,this report is available on request.

The Barnacle Rid system can be run from any power system you may have available on your boat. 12V and 24V battery systems, 110V and 240V mains systems; All solar systems are compatible with the Barnacle Rid system if chosen to suit each individual boats power supply taking into account location ,sun available etc..

Barnacle Rid draws very little power in fact a maximum of 1.25 amps.

So as long as your power system has the spare capacity to accommodate approximately 22 amp-hours per day, needed to protect your hull, you will have no problems running Barnacle Rid.” 

If not usulay an 80 watt solar panel is sufficient extra power.

When you order Barnacle Rid, you can specify which type of power system your boat has available. If any special adaptors are required for you situation we will ensure your kit has what you require.

We can provide an adaptor for your power system

Barnacle Rid power draw is minimal and predictable

  • Saves your all-important batteries!
  • Maximum 1.25 Amp for mono-hulls and catamarans on highest setting in barnacle season in the tropics
  • System can operate with power consumption as low as 0.5 Amp,we have 7 climate settings.
  • Absolute MAXIMUM power drain:
    1.25A * 13.8V = 17.25W/ 12v=1.43Ax24 hrs=34.5AH.on average setting 0.8A =22.08 AH
  • Also available in 240 volt using shorepower/inverter or any voltage world wide 110 volt etc.

    CE Certified compliant.