We are very proud of the reputation Barnacle Rid has earned in the anti-foul marketplace: since the launch of the Barnacle rid back in early 2008 Barnacle Rid has satisfied the many boat owners who’ve unleashed the protective power by the sophisticated release of an invisible non toxic copper ion cloud into the water encompassing  their vessels hull and running gear.
Many satisfied clients have saved several $1000s in fuel,anti-foul costs,and anodes since using Barnacle Rid on their vessels. Barnacle Rid works on boats of all shapes, sizes,construction material and hull configurations and all types of Marinas (see The System pages to learn how Barnaclerid protective solution works).
We gladly publish the following testimonials from satisfied users of Barnacle Rid with their permission. If you would like to discuss Barnacle Rid with current users of our system, including the people who have contributed testimonials below please contact us.1300 048 526 international +61 4105 41920
See live video haul outs here videos
Latest testimonials

Name: Captain Steve Qualia

Date: 2019-11-13

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

I am the Captain of the 105’ Broward Contrarian Rose, and the owner saw advertisements on how well the Barnacle Rid worked on keeping barnacles from attaching to the hull of a vessel. The owner purchased an eight electrode set up to completely protect the vessel. The Barnacle Rid system was installed per directions given to us by Barnacle Rid, just after returning back to dock after a complete bottom job at a cost of $18,000 (USD).  The work included new bottom paint and all new anodes, installation of new depth and speed sensor, reconditioning propellers and re-packing all glands.  Propspeed was not put on the shafts and propellers during this haul out.

After nearly a year in the water a professional diver checked and cleaned what very little was on the bottom. The hull was mostly free of any growth, as well as the shafts. Propellers had very little growth, and very little growth around the upper part of the stabilizers.  The diver was very surprised that there was very minimal growth, since we are in an area of high growth of barnacles, oysters and other fouling organisms such as sea squirts and serpulid worms. We are docked parallel to a floating dock, not in a standard docking slip. There is steady flow of current and tide.

We are very pleased with the performance of the eight electrode system we are using, and are looking forward to the increased performance of the upgraded Super Yacht System.  I will inform you of the new results in a few months.  Shane’s service and advice has been exceptional throughout the whole process. 

We thoroughly recommend the Barnacle Rid System.  We strongly recommend following the procedures and maintenance to the system.

Captain Steve Qualia

Owner Jack L. Marchand, II  J&RLLC

(PS: The initial system was purchased on the 16th of March, 2018, approx 20 months ago and the vessel has an aluminium hull)





Barnacle Rid 18 months later.

My name is Craig Thomas and I am the owner of an aluminium sail boat.

Rooger is a Radford 10.6 design. A 34 foot racer cruiser.

One of the few drawbacks of aluminium boats is that the antifouling paints cannot have any copper in them. (This is to prevent galvanic corrosion in the hull.) Making the paints less effective than what can be applied to Wooden or GRP boats.

I decided to give the Barnacle Rid system a go to see if it keep my boat free of barnacles.

The 4 electrode Marina system was installed and switched on in June of 2017.

My boat is moored at the Moreton Bay Boat Club. This is in the Northern part of Moreton Bay, Scarborough Boat Harbour.

On 13th of November 2018 I dived under my boat to inspect the anodes and of course see how the Barnacle rid system was performing.

I am pleased to report that there were no barnacles growing on my hull.

Kind regards


Craigs Yacht in full racing Sale below.


A couple of days ago one of our customers Grant Shorland lifted out his boat for routine maintenance. This is how it looks straight out of the water after 18 months. This 64 ft steel boat resided in tropical waters where barnacles grow at a high rate. Barnaclerid has been used constantly since 5/11/2011 on his boat for over 6 years now coming up 7 years in November.
He has had an electrolysis problem since he had it built so needed things checked out here is what he sent us
Hi Shane , Brian Gatt is the real deal 
with electrolysis problems
traveling all over Australia ,
he does the Navy ships
right down to small tummies.
He is a great bloke
and was happy with your
barnaclerid electrodes and
seemed to know all about them
and recommended
that I continue using barnaclerid,
he also found the problem at last
a radio Issue.
Cheers Grant
See three pictures below.

Name: Rob F.

Date: 2018-09-19

Location: Bonnells Bay, NSW

I brought Barnacle Rid several years ago after I just paid over $2000 to have my Farrier F9 a Trimaran antifouled. I wasn’t sure if it would work. It was vandalised once with someone cutting one of the leads.

I left in the water for over 4 years without barnacle problems. It was breeze to go out sailing  without the drag of barnacles. The only problem was having to quickly scrape off seaweed on the water line the odd occasion.


Name: George K.

Date: 2018-08-25

Location: Sydney Harbour

Find photos of my boat with the Barnacle Rid system in place now for 3 years.

Haven’t had much time spare to use the boat in the past 6 months, no Barnacle growth under the waterline, system working great.

Thanks again

Name: Tony Ducker.

Date: 2018-07-19

Location: North Queensland

Just happy to let you know that after 12 months having barnaclerid installed on my 30ft riviera with the 4 electrode system. Today I went under the boat and there is minimal growth/shells around the shaft support and trim tabs. Otherwise the system works very well. Thankyou.


Name: Keith & Susan Castorina

Date: 2018-07-11

Location: North Queensland

We have been using Barnaclerid for two years on our 35 foot Riviera and are happy with its performance. The boat was slipped after one year to repair a prop, there were no Barnacles on the hull and only a few on the shafts and props and we live in a notorious area in North Queensland for Barnacles. Our boat is moored in a tidal river and is subject to some fast flowing currents 8 to 12 days a month I think Barnaclerid will work even better in marinas without the fast currents. We will continue using Barnaclerid.

Keith & Susan Castorina.

3 photos of there ship named Madfish below straight out of water,

Straight out of water note bent prop.
4/05/2018 9:42 AM

Hi Shane,

Just thought I’d take a moment to thank you for selling a product that actually does what it is supposed to.  

My 42’ Cruisers Esprit has been in the very warm waters of South Florida since September of last year when I took it out of Dry Dock.. Along with a lot of TLC at the dry dock, it also got a brand new bottom paint in anticipation of using your product. I’ve had your

system on it since then till now, a full 6 months. Have a look at the photos for yourself…pretty impressive Sir.

Cheers, Holly

See 2 photos of Hollys 42 straight out of water below thanks for sharing Holly.

Key Colony Beach Cheasapeake Bay Florida U.S.A. 
Paul has been protecting his 63 bertram using barnaclerid now over 45 months with great results, he has also been good enough to speak with prospective users about his experience using barnaclerid thanks Paul.
Just received this email with a fantastic photo of Graeme and Sues Power Cat with great Barnaclerid results below.
Begin forwarded message:
From: Graeme 
Date: 28 October 2017 at 7:24:00 AM AEST
To: [email protected]
Subject: For testimony
Barniclerid is a great product. We are very happy with the results using them now for about 6 years. We have only been pulled out twice during this time for anti fouling and both times we (as were the people doing the clean) were amazed at how free of barnacles there were. We are a high speed catamaran and clean hulls are essential for fuel economy. We can’t recommend this product enough. Thanks Shane, regards Graeme and Sue …Tin Can Bay Marina.
Another email below a very happy client
has a large steel cruiser moored in far North Queensland Australia, Magnetic Island which is a haven for growing barnacles with very warm tropical waters but Barnaclerid comes to the rescue again!
Thanks Alan
Dear Shane after many years of good service I have to replace the electrodes on our 60 ft steel motor cruiser.It has a lot of underwater surface as its depth is 2.8 meters and weighs in at 70 tonnes.the boat lives at magnetic island and is coming up to 3 years since its last lift.We haven’t lost any performance.I recommend the system to others in the marina and i know of at least one owner has taken on the system with excellent results.the system really works reg Alan M
Alans beautiful cruiser barnacle free below at his Marina on Magnetic Island

After over two years barnaclerid use this client in Sydney writes.

Thanks again Shane for your prompt service.

I really can’t add anything more other than to say I am extremely satisfied with your product and service.

 Bribie Island Queensland Australia, High barnacle growth area,(original testimonial down further latest news)

Les has been using Barnaclerid now in total 3 years and seven months/ (39 months),now the third time he has sent a diver down to check it out,the diver reported you have the cleanest bum in the Marina,(hull that is.)

Thats a saving of three lifts and no need for re antifouling three times.

Les was very happy saying he has saved many $$$.

Thanks Les for the feedback.

News a letter from Graeme. W. in Point Fredrick New south Wales Australia

Graeme has been using barnaclerid sine January 2014 and was ordering some new electrodes ,his comments were, this will get me working again barnaclerid has proven effective.

Short and sweat.

Thanks Graeme for joining the growing army of user/believers around the world.

Cheers from the team @ barnaclerid

 Latest testimonial Rick purchased Barnaclerid in December 2013 and writes to us below.

” Barnacle Rid has exceeded my expectations. Having a boat permanently moored in our warm waters in the Top End I experienced significant barnacle & algae growth on the hull of my 28ft Sea Ray each year. After fitting Barnacle Rid & slipping my boat for some engine & leg maintenance some 18 months later, I and the marine mechanic were amazed at how clean the hull was.

Definitely a great investment”

Recommend this product to everyone that has a boat permanently in the water”

kind regards


Darwin NT

Darwin Australias top end. the area has very warm waters making for high barnacle growth.

Pictured below are 3 boats in Cullen bay together, all using barnaclerid to protect their investments.

A 40 foot catamaran, 54 hershine cruiser,and a 51 Riviera fly bridge cruiser.

All protected by barnaclerid for many years ,there are also other happy barnaclerid owners in Darwin as well.

Thanks for the photo Andrew.

Another Happy Lake Macquarie user on his 34 Clipper (see below comment)Thanks for the feed back Gary much appreciated.

Hello Shane just letting you know that I have been using barnaclerid for the past 12months and I think that the product is brilliant thanks

News from Lake Macquarie Australia 


Thanks Guy


News below from Airley Beach North Queensland Australia a tropical paradise for tourists and barnacles alike.

A long term barnaclerid user( over 5 years) on a 64 foot steel cruiser.his words below

I dived on the boat yesterday and to my excpectation once again the boat was completley free of barnacles ,there were a couple on the water line which I used a plastic scraper on and they came off easily,the boat has been here for over 2 years .

The boat next door to me has only been here for 4 months and is covered in barnacles and heavy growth so fantastic and thanks.

He also said the guy next door will call you.

Great news and thanks for calling to let us know.


Australia Victoria.

This tradewinds 42 (see two photos below)straight out of the water no blast after over 19 months since last antifoul, no barnacles on the hull whatsoever,a few on the bottom bow and prop,considering this boat hardly ever moves and is on its wharf for months at a time its a great result and the owner who sent these photos is extermly pleased .

Dubai Catamaran already Barnaclerid is clearly working see report below.

Has been about 6 weeks in.

Here in Dubai we get barnacles growth in one week. you can get 8mm in about 10 days I have seen 10mm in summer. . 
The hull and running gear is perfectly clean still not one barnicle or worm growth. Will inspect on a monthly and see how it’s going but clearly already it is a great result.
Blake from Boaters maintanance facilty Dubai
The Clients catamaran below you can see one of the 4 electrodes at the Bow running either 12 volt or mains alternative barnaclerids system giving options to run on boat battery power away from the Marina.


I had a 35 foot cruiser that I had moored in a marina at Bayview in Sydney for a bit over 2 years and due to the water temp and limited water movement I found that I was continually having to dive to scrub the hull as the growth became quicker and quicker after each scrub.  I then moved up to a 45 foot cruiser in the same location and not wanting to be continually under the boat scrubbing, I began the search for a solution.  I discovered Barnaclerid and bought the 4 electrode model (as per your recommendation) which has now been on the boat for approx. 2 and a half years.  I was sceptical at first as I initially purchased the system 3 months after an antifoul and, not wanting to slip the boat again so soon, I put the system on (contrary to instructions) and expected it to work.  I ended up with growth starting after a couple of months so I bit the bullet and slipped the boat and antifouled.  Clearly following the instructions works as during my subsequent 3 monthly dives under the boat there is only some slime with a small amount of weed on the waterline.  There has been minor growth on boarding platform supports which is easily scraped off and a very small amount on rudder and prop.  No barnacles anywhere.

I have no doubt that I have saved substantially on fuel and general running costs.

In terms of the product living up to what it says it will do – it certainly does.  In addition, Shane’s service and advice has been exceptional.  From my experience I thoroughly recommend the Barnaclerid system – but you must follow the instructions.



Latest from Sydney Pittwater 48 catamaran
Shane Just had the bottom wiped down only one barnacle found on the whole boat after over 15 months on our swing mooring .We have not used the boat as of late therfore some weed had grown but easily wiped off. So barnaclerid certainly keeps barnacles off ,cheers Brian.
We gave Brian a tip to help keep the cables and electrode tops clean,simply coat them with vasaline/petroleium jelly ,it makes it much easier to keep weed off them.
This is for all barnaclerid users as well.
Latest from Bribie Island Client
Hi Shane
Now that I have had the Barnaclerid fitted for some 19 months, I thought you might be interested in its performance.

The boat is moored in Southern Queensland in an area well known for its barnacle problems.  A local diver has cleaned the bottom twice and on his recommendation the boat has not been slipped, thus saving me two lifts.  After the last inspection, the diver stated he was a little disappointed as this time he found seven soft barnacles and the time before, only five. Needless to say I am delighted with the performance of the Barnaclerid.
Les Parry

Latest.news from Singapore using the permanent dock Instalation Marina shorepower version of Barnaclerid
To Whom it may concern
We have been using the Barnacle Rid system on our dock where we keep our CABO 52 in Singapore ( See Pic below) and are very pleased with the results. We have been using it for two years now and do not have issues with barnacles any more. We still have to contend with green weed growth at the water line however do not have to clean off barnacles which was a once a week affair due to rapid and immense growth in our waters. The key to using this successfully is to follow the instructions carefully for installation and boat preparation as well.
Best regards, Olivia
Olivia Branson
Reel Torque Yachts Pte Ltd
S. E. Asia’s Exclusive Dealer for Hatteras Yachts
Singapore Dealer for Boston Whaler
Mercury Sales & Service Dealer for Singapore
Bunderberg haul out Queensland

Bob – Hervey Bay QLD

Update Latest news July 2015

It's been 22 months since my last anti foul with no bottom clean since. Apart from some slime and weed, there was absolutely no shell or barnacle growth to be found.The benefits have
been in saving money on costly maintenance and poor performance so saving fuel as well.

Regards Bob
NEWS from a cruising Forum in Cheasapeake Bay Florida U.S.A. we came across from May 2015 when searching for any comments on Barnaclerid , finding a Barnaclerid client user of over 12 months..
See the two threads below, we were impressed also.
Re: barnacle rid in Australia

I’ve got a St. Francis 50 right in front of me on the tee . I’ll ask him how its working when I see him. His cat does look pretty clean from what I can see…

Re: barnacle rid in Australia

Ok, talked to him today and asked him if he thought the barnaclerid system was working. He’s just as curious as I am. Turns out he had a diver come in yesterday to retrieve an eisenglas panel that went overboard. He had the diver check the bottom and the diver reported that he found two barnacles on one of the Saildrive props but could find no hard growth anywhere else. He did say there was a light coating of soft growth that brushed right off.

The system was installed a year ago this month and the boat has been on the Cheasapeake Bay the whole time. So, there you go. It seems the system is working on his boat..

Testimonial with a twist Thanks Barry

Hi Shane

I”ve had the 4 electrode Barnacle Rid system on our 40ft x 15ft power catamaran since it was launched 18 months ago. After owning a houseboat for many years and dreading the annual barnacle scrape on the slipway I was told about your product by a very satisfied Barnacle Rid user and decided to install the system on our new catamaran. Well after 12 months on a swing mooring in some pretty harsh conditions (1 mtr high waves, 5 knot running tides) there were almost no barnacles on hulls just a few on both bows  due to electrodes being out of water in waves and they basically fell off anyway. A couple of months ago both bow electrodes became tangled with the mooring ropes and were pulled from boat so the Barnacle Rid system wasn”t working. Well proof the system works, after 6 weeks of no protection top speed of 21 knots down to 10 knots and I spent 4 hours on a sand bar scraping  off stuck barnacles.Thanks Shane for your swift service in sending me 2 new electrodes and ongoing advice. I wont be without them again.

Barry C

River Heads QLD

Good News from Darwin
After over 2 years From Darwin Australias Top end. with very high water temperatures barnaclerid has been Installed on a 53 foot Riviera cabin cruiser,below correspondence is from the happy owner.

Hi Shane,

 FYI did not need to put the new electrodes purchased into action yet as still enough on the old ones.

Also we pulled the boat out after 2 years plus sitting in water with over a year of not moving.

the Hull was clean and only slight build up on props and rudders but overall good result given no movement.

Thanks and regards



From Sydney 48 foot Catamaran owner,Brian M.

To whom it may concern

We fitted a 4 probe Barnaclerid system to our catamaran after antifouling last September. So far so good. A recent dive reported no barnacles.
We recently had an operational problem with our unit. It turned out to be operator  error and nothing to do with the system. However on first contact Shane assumed the unit had failed even though he must have suspected it was our fault and booked a courier to deliver a replacement control box the next day. After numerous phone calls the cause of the problem was traced to our error. All through the time Shane was very courteous and quick to respond to messages. He never once made me feel stupid (even though I might be) and always treated me as an important customer. Full marks for customer service and after 6 months full marks for the system.
Our boat lives in Pittwater in Sydney.

From Papua New Guinea a very high barnacle growth area .
Hi Shane
I wanted to send a word of praise for your barnaclerid products.
Prior to purchasing the 3 electrode unit,I was highly sceptical off their effectiveness to control the dreaded barnacle growth on the hull of my boat.
After purchasing the unit and re antifouling my boat,I was amazed at the reduction in growth.
No hard barnacles even after over a year in the water whilst using Barnaclerid.
My fuel burn is down,maintenance is down and we could not be happier .
At our last annual maintenance and repaint,it was simply a matter of washing down the hull,no scraping required.
In fact I am so impressed I would happily recommend the use of barnaclerid to any boater who moors their boat
Again congratulations on the product and thankyou for all your ongoing assistance.
Matthew Chang.






August 2014 after over 2 years 42 Trade Winds is lifted and not one single Barnacle found, Our Client Janis was ecstatic,as are we. photos straight out of water not cleaned.



Power cat using barnaclerid for over 3 years no barnacles here



Leopard Power Catamaran after over 12 months since last out of water,Tim Ds. Power Cat berthed in Tin Can bay Queensland, Australia was slipped last week and Tim was extremely happy with barnaclerids 4 electrode,cat models protection,saying he wasn’t expecting it to be so clean,it was spotless no Barnacles anywhere. Tim said considering the boat has been sitting in the Marina for 6 months it was more impressive.


Tin Can Bay is in a high water temperature area of Australia,this promotes barnacle growth,so we are very happy also.


See three photos below the Cat has not been cleaned in any way, straight out of the water. spotless no Barnacles anywhere. Over 12 months since last slipped.



Power Cat usung Barnaclerid for over 3 years No barnacles



Hi Shane, My boat which is a 65 foot steel passage maker (photographed above) has been moored in Cullen Bay Darwin for the past 14 Months, and it has been 18 Months since the boat was out of the water back in Bundaberg after already using barnaclerid for 12 months we found no barnacles,she was out of water for general servicing and we had her re anti fouled whilst out for our trip. We then cruised the East coast Australia to the Kimberly’s in Western Australia and then back to Darwin using Barnaclerid at anchorage. 


During the last 14 Months in Darwin ‘Northern Territory Australia’ the water temperature ranged between 25degrees c, to a high of 33 degrees C, and the barnaclerid electrodes have been in the water during this time. I had a dive under the boat a few weeks ago, and found the hull completely clear of barnacles, and also the propellers and stern gear without any sign of barnacles which was very impressive.The hull had some slime around the waterline, but this comes off very quickly once the vessel gets under way at 8 knots it is all gone within a few minutes.


I would also like to thank you for all your back up service and free advice since I have purchased the barnaclerid system from your company it has been terrific over the past 2 years or so. I believe your product is a great invention, and it will allow me to haul the boat out of the water every two years or even longer, which is a great saving when you have a boat which displaces 80 tons. Best Regards – Grant Shorland. 7/09/13



After 51 months barnaclerid usage – No Barnacles!


This Vessel has used Barnaclerid continuously all this time over 4 plus years.


Further proving Barnaclerid works! The boat was slipped straight onto a trailer and has not been cleaned in anyway.


After 51 Months using barnaclerid straight out of the water no blasting



Another happy client in Papua New Guinea!


Another barnaclerid customer so impressed with barnaclerid has now ordered a catamaran system for his fathers boat. See below.


Thanks for the feed back Matt



Hi Shane,

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Two things,
1) the system that you provided me is now working perfectly, no growth and great efficiency


we haven’t lost any revs or speed since we antifouled and refitted the system.


2) Please send me a quote for a Catamaran system for my father’s boat, a 34ft x 16 ft inboard catamaran.
Cheers, Matt

Marina Model Permanently mounted on Johns home Marina floating dock 

Marina model proves its worth,after over 12 months one lone barnacle was found over the total hull of this customers Riviera moored outside his home marina.Photos of props last shot below,straight out of water no cleaning and no more anti foul required , I give full credit to Barnaclerid was the clients comment,we were as happy also,thanks for the feed back John. Now over 2 years plus no barnacles see set up on Johns Marina below.

Johns home marina with baranclerid Installed




Power cat using barnaclerid for over 3 years no barnacles here



After 38 months use


After over 3 years in fact 38 months of continuous barnacle-rid use.

More proof Barnacle-rid works, no barnacles, no algae, no weed growth, no need to re anti-foul as Barnacle-rid has extended the life of the anti-foul dramaticly.


All annodes were still in excellent order and the prop was clean as a whistle, with Prop speed still like new.

Enabling a light pressure wash and straight back into the water


Cost savings= fuel, no drag, no new anti foul paint and labour, no need to reapply prop speed if used, annode replacements not necessary, smoother running, peak engine performance.


See photo, and check out the video of the live lift after 38 months on the homepage.





Hi Shane,

We have had your Barnacle Rid System installed on our boat for the past eighteen months. My boat is 24 years old and has leg drives. Prior to having the Barnacle Rid System installed the hull and legs would be subject to numerous barnacles after only a short period of time after anti-fouling. We primarily wanted to stop the barnacles from entering our water intakes and over heating our engines which we have recently replaced with new ones.


I work away from Perth for extended periods of time and I’m not home regularly enough to clean the hull and legs. My Dad heard of your system, so we thought we would give it a try. After getting the correct settings with prompt return phone calls from yourself and your agent in Perth we are very pleased with the results we have been getting. We have just had the boat out of the water for annual servicing of the legs and were very pleased to find no barnacles on the hull at all and none in the water intakes of the legs.


Not only does your system reduce the number of times I need to get in the water to rub down the hull and legs but it reduces the time I need to spend in the water because I don’t need to scrap away barnacles. The boats on either side of our pen are also seem to be developing less barnacles as well.


We have had many fellow boaties at the marina asking what the probes are hanging off the bow and stern of our boat, to which we are more than happy to explain what it is and show them the good results that we are having with Barnacle Rid.


Regards, Darren Clarke.




Bob – Hervey Bay QLD

Update Latest news July 2015

It's been 22 months since my last anti foul with no bottom clean since. Apart from some slime and weed, there was absolutely no shell or barnacle growth to be found.
The benefits have beenin saving costly maintenance and poor performance so saving fuel as well.
Thanks to Barnaclerid.
Regards Bob


In an effort to battle the never ending maintenance problems associated banacle growth on my Ocean 56′ motor yacht I did some research and found the Banaclerid System. At first I wasn’t totally convinced the system could deliver the results I was looking for, but after discussions and advice from Barnaclerid Australia CEO Shane Gillard I made the decision to purchase and install a 4 electrode system in June 2011. In January 2012 I went from sceptic to convert after an underwater inspection revealed absolutely no barnacle growth on the hull or running gear.


There was a minor amount of growth on my boarding platform supports and exhaust tubes, which came as no suprise as both of these areas were identified as difficult areas to cover when the installation was initially designed by Shane Gillard. Shane has been a pleasure to deal with and it’s also nice to do business with someone who tells you how it is and not try to spin a lot of crapp in an effort to sell their product. I believe the Banaclerid system has been a good investment which will save me time and money in running and maintenance costs.


Bob Rafter – Hervey Bay QLD



Vern – Adelaide SA


Hi Shane,


I purchased the Kingfisher 50 from the Gold Coast 2 years ago and motored it to Adelaide. An initial inspection on purchase showed an estimated 50% of antifouling life left. I put the barnacle Rid Anode System on the boat just after we arrived in Adelaide and then used it for 2 years before slipping the boat.


As you can bsee from the photo, there was very little growth at all on the vessel (approx a 2 litre bucket of growth around the rudder and on the bottom of the skeg where the anti fouling was missing).


I am extremely happy with the results as the system keeps control over the growth which leads to a better fuel consumption as an additional benefit.


Regards, Vern

Verns Cruiser below

Catamaran using barnaclerid for over 5 years also keeps his tender in the protection zone

 Above Malcolms Catamaran ,even his tender was Barnacle free 


Malcolm – Adelaide SA


I have a 12m catamaran that had not been slipped for four years. I used to jump over the side and give the bottom a clean every few months as I was getting the boat ready to be slipped for a complete external refurbishment. It got to the stage that after 1 month it was pretty bad as there was little to no anti fouling left. A friend had seen a copper anode system on another boat, so I investigated on the web and found the Barnacle Rid System. I scrubbed the bottom and put on the catamaran version of the system in March 2011 (one anode on the bow and stern of each hull).


This immediately stopped all the fungi and coral growth.


When I eventually slipped the catamaran in December 2011 after no usage since March, there was only a small amount of weed growing and it was easy to rub off.


In November of 2012. I inflated the dinghy and polished the external hull in the water. This was done a bit at a time in just over 3 weeks. During this time I kept the dinghy in the water between the 2 hulls (see photos) and after 3 weeks it was pretty clean.


While no system is a silver bullet, the barnacle rid system certainly stops the coral growth and really slows down the weed/fungi growth. If any weed/fungi grows I found it very weak and easy to just brush off.


Malcolm Thorpe – Adelaide SA



Hi Shane,


Here are the photos of my boat being pulled out at Royal Perth after 14 months in the water.


The boat is clean apart from the residue on the ground of slime and a little weed which would have filled 1-2 20 litre Buckets. I am extremely pleased with this outcome.


Kindest regards, Barry