Barnacle Rid Savings

Barnacle Rid will save you money.                                       

Reducing the need to Anti-foul as often, in many cases over 6 years so far with in field proven testing .

Barnacle Rid not only protects from Barnacles attaching, but also reducing algae and weed growth,now proven.

Racing Yachts using Barnaclerid now have an advantage in Race conditions less drag more speed.

Extends the life of antifouls, prop coatings and similar products if used. 

64 foot steel cruiser pictured has saved many thousands of dollars by using barnaclerid since 10th november 2011 saving him just one lift more than paid for his barnaclerid system and every time since not requiring a lift and antifoul saving more $$

A vessel this size and weight uses a lot of fuel this can easily double if barnacles are attached so again savings are very real and large.

Savings on Fuel with less drag,maintain your engine R.P.M and normal cruise/full speed, WOT.

Anode replacement times extended in most areas.

Reduce lift fees,labour,scraping and anti foul painting times by extending periods of the need to do so, the boat below after 51 months using barnaclerid straight out of water no cleaning or blasting. Proof of savings.

staright out of water after 51 months barnaclerid use

Another savings proof showing barnaclerids electrode in position,

38 months, straight out of the water no need to re antifoul or re apply prop speed .yaringa after 38 months showing electrode positioning

Just received this email with a fantastic photo of Graeme and Sues Power Cat with great Barnaclerid results below proving more $$$savings .
Begin forwarded message:
From: Graeme 
Date: 28 October 2017 at 7:24:00 AM AEST
To:[email protected]
Subject:For testimony
Barniclerid is a great product. We are very happy with the results using them now for about 6 years. We have only been pulled out twice during this time for anti fouling and both times we (as were the people doing the clean) were amazed at how free of barnacles there were. We are a high speed catamaran and clean hulls are essential for fuel economy. We can’t recommend this product enough. Thanks Shane, regards Graeme and Sue …Tin Can Bay Marina.
Another email below very happy large steel cruiser far north Queensland, Magnetic Island a haven for growing barnacles very warm tropical waters but Barnaclerid comes to the rescue again!
Proving great $$$ Savings
Thanks Alan
Comments = dear Shane after many years of good service I have to replace the electrodes on our 60 ft steel motor cruiser 
which has a lot of underwater surface as it s depth is 2.8 meters and weighs in at 70 tonnes.
the boat lives at magnetic islandand is coming up to 3 years since its last lift and we haven't lost any performance.
I recommend the system to others in the marina and i know of at least one owner has taken on the system with excellent results.
the system really works reg Alan M
Alans boat below at his magnetic Island marina barnacle free thanks to

See live haul outs here Videos