Barnacle Rid In Action


Preventing barnacles from growing on your boat is really so easy with the Barnacle Rid system. Our sophisticated electronic computer controller consumes very little power, and it is compatible with all common boat power systems (including 110v or 240v mains systems). Once the system is installed, you simply choose the power level for your climate (cooler climates demand less barnacle protection) and submerge the electrodes in the water. Our system establishes the copper Ion field that protects your boat from barnacles attaching.

Simply lower the electrodes into the water when your boat is anchored or moored

Two electrodes, (or up to four,6,8, electrodes for catamarans and large Mono Hull Cruisers) are lowered into the water when your boat is not in use. They are powered by our sophisticated computer controller. The whole system consumes a maximum of only 1.2 Amp hour.

Barnacalerid does not cause electrolysis or galvanic corrosion,independently tested,this report is available on request.


The Computer controller is covered to the original purchaser from any design or manufacturing faults.

CE Certified compliant.


Bow Showing electrode deployed

Stern Electrode shown deployed,simply lift and stow and away you go.

The Computer Controller Silently Establishes The Protective Field

When the electrodes are lowered into the water and the system is turned on at the control box, you can rest with complete peace of mind that your boat will remain barnacle free. As the cooler months gradually change to warmer months, and barnacle growth is more vigorous, you simply increase the power level of the system at the control box with the simple touch pad interface. The control box will adjust the protective field to keep your boat smooth and clean. The power level of the system indicated by the flash code of the control box.

Large cruisers often use the zig zag staggered positioning of the electrodes gives in some cases more protection rather than straight up and down the hull Instalation,just ask us [email protected] for our recomendation on your particular boat and location.

See below example..






Catamaran using barnaclerid for over 5 years also keeps his tender in the protection zone






Clean hull after 38 months using Barnaclerid only some weed on the water line